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Portfolio Management


In Option A, you open a live trading account and you link it to our NARM copy account (Our company central trading account) an option called Copy trading.


When a trade is placed on the corporate account, it copies automatically into the several linked accounts too with lot sizes regulated by the equity sizes of the account(s) linked. And when trades are closed, the trades are also closed on the linked accounts too.

How do we gain? We charge 50% profit from every single trade gained when we place trades on the account. For Example, If your trade gains $100, we take $50 from it automatically via the brokerage payment option while you keep $50.

N/B:  Equity allowed to be linked is from $1000 and above

N/B: We manage account directly from an equity base of $2000 and above.

How does it work?

Open a live trading account with our broker of choice and provide us with the trading details like login, traders password and server type. when this is done, we take over the account directly and place trades directly on the account without linking it to the copy corporate account.

How do we gain?

We charge 40% of all profit made per week while you keep the 60%.

The Advantages of using our internal port-folio management system

  • You decide when to withdraw money from that account.
  • The wallet password is strictly known by you and as such you manage the transfer of funds yourself.
  • You do not give physical cash to our company since you have to fund your account yourself.
  • You can monitor the progress of your account daily as it progresses.
  • Nobody frauds you with this system of account management as access to withdrawing or owning your funds is restricted to you alone.

N/B: Before we engage in managing your account with Option B, a down payment of 10% of the equity invested is paid to the company for management services.

We guarantee 3 – 5% profit of the entire equity weekly. For example, if you invest $1000 via option B, we guarantee our clients not less than 30$ – $50 weekly

3 - 5% Weekly Profit
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Forex Signals

Our fx signals is best to nothing. We have supporting systems that makes for the near accurate signals we give with a success rate of 90%.

  1. Team of professional market analysts.
    We have a team of professional fx market analyst who have proven successful based on track records and consistent results.
  2. From swing trades market analysts (Long term target traders) to intra – day market analysts (short term target traders) makes for our professional fx market analysts team.
  3. Expert Advisor software (The NARM BB-REAT EA and NARM BB-REAT Divergence EA) are our latest auto signal provider that calls for trade technically and alert a subscriber via a communication App called the NARM fx signals.
6 Month
  • Duration 6 months
  • No.of Signals Daily (6)
3 Month
  • Duration 3 months
  • No. of Signals Daily (5)
  • Duration 1 months
  • No.of Signals Daily (3)
2 Weeks
  • Duration 2 Weeks
  • No.of Signals Daily (2)

Our training packages are pocket friendly when considering the content and values it comes with

Pricing For Corporate Training
  • Group of 2
  • 1 Month of Intensive Training
  • Free Training Materials
  • 1 Months of Live account Monitoring
  • Group of 3
  • 1 Month of Intensive Training
  • Free Training Materials
  • 1/2 Months of Live account Monitoring
  • Group of 4 – 6
  • 1 Month of Intensive Training
  • Free Training Materials
  • 2 Months of Live account Monitoring
  • Group of 10
  • 1 Month of Intensive Training
  • Free Training Materials
  • 3 Months of Live account Monitoring
Pricing for our Individual Training
Individual Package
2 Weeks
  • 2 Weeks Intensive Training
  • Free Training Materials
  • One Person